Need a Gun Trust to puchase Title II firearms, munitions or devices?  A Gun Trust for your SBR rifles, silencers, fully automatic pre-1986 firearms (and more) can be a significant cost savings to you. 


We are aware that there are many online companies that sell sample gun trust forms at low rates.  However, we are one of the ONLY law firms in the State of New Hampshire that offer attorney-backed ATF41F/BATFE Compliant Gun Trusts.  Don't go with the standard/possibly outdated online forms.  Guns require delicate care; you want a Trust that will pass legal scrutiny for generations to come, and will avoid the probate process (saving you legal fees and ensuring your weapons go to your designated beneficiary immedately when you pass, and will also be unavailble to creditors).  Note- please be aware that the rules did change and gun trusts no longer eliminate the requirements of fingerprinting and photographs.  


Have a specialized New Hampshire lawyer that is aware of any recent rules and regulations in this special area draft your Trust specifically tailored for you.  Most online cookie cutter gun trust forms are emailed to you within 5 minutes, and never actually being reviewed and vetted by an Attorney.  Additionally, we make it easier for the Client, making a Microsoft 'word' version of your Schedule A available to you, for ease of editing and updating the Property and Weaponry held in your BATFE approved NFA Gun Trust; no other law firm to our knowledge offers this.  THIS IS NOT A GENERIC REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST FORM, trying to be passed off as a Gun Trust; like other online offerings.


OK.  So, what's the cost? 

  • Our NFA Gun Trust rates are very competitive; at $350 per Trust


YES! Let's do this?  Great!  Simply email the following information to us:

-Your full legal name and address (please include your full middle name and your home address- no P.O. Boxes)

-Your desired co-trustee(s) information (these are people you want to allow to use these weapons- please send their full legal name including their middle name as well)

-Your Trust beneficiary's full legal name and legal address

-The email (or fax/mailing address) you would ultimately like us to email your Trust document to


We normally strive to complete Trusts the same business day; however it may take up to 1-2 business days for completion of your Trust if the attorneys have any questions or concerns.


While our focus on gun law and our legal practice is concentrated in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont, our BATFE approved NFA Gun Trusts are currently compliant on the Federal level/in all 50 States.  Reach out to us if you are intersted in an attorney drafted Trust in another State, and we may be able to accomodate you.


Have questions or would like to make an appointment? Call us at +1 603 4023511 or use our contact form.

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