2024 Registered Agent Services- $99/2024

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We are a small business that is ready, willing and able to serve as your registed agent in the State of New Hampshire!  What sets us aside?  Our $99/year rate will not be hiked up in the very next year, unlike the other gimmicky New Hampshire registered agent websites.  Additionally, you will get personal service from our dedicated LOCAL attorneys; not a call from someone in India that barely speaks English, if and when and if you are ever served with process.


We also make things simple.  You can sign up immediately at the link provided below, and simply note your proposed business name, address and phone number when checking out.  We will happily serve as your agent in the State of New Hampshire.  We are listed at the very top of the list of the registered agent services providers, and have provided reliable, informative services for many years with helpful updates and annual report reminders to ensure that your business maintains its compliance.  We think about it; so that you don't need to!  That's because every client matters. 


We offer straightforward registered agent and we also offer business services to guide you with your new business (or your existing business that is new to New Hampshire).  We provide the most economical dedicated State of New Hampshire resident agent, geared towards cost efficient business services at $99 per year (flat rate), or even less if you sign up for multi-year services.   There are NO hidden costs or fees; we do NOT charge for forwarding and immediately scanning any service of process documents to your email on file, and there is also NO cost for an attorney to personally reach out to you to inform your business immediately once service of process is received. 


Unlike other websites that pull you in with a low introductory rate, then triple your rate the very next year, the cost you pay is $99.00 per year, with no additional hidden costs or fees.  This rate is also GUARANTEED not to go up for at least three years; do NOT be fooled by other websites that offer low introductory rates, only to double or triple your rate the very next year!  Our rate is very reasonable, and it will NOT be increased for at least the next few years.  You will not find this guarantee on the other gimmicky websites.


Our registered agent services are one of the lowest around, at a low rate of $99.00 per year, with discounts if you prefer to pre-pay for multiple years. Feel free to list us as your agent on your filing today, you expressly have our permission and gratitude!  If you prefer not to sign up online, simply give us a call at 603-402-3511 or email us at Clientmatters@icloud.com with your proposed business name, mailing address and phone number, and we will invoice you accordingly.


Remember- we are LOCAL!  Not only are documents locally scanned when received and immediately emailed to your email on record, as well as immediately mailed to you; but our attorneys are LOCAL (Manchester, NH and Nashua, NH offices), and they will personally call you to notify you, and our attorneys are also ready to meet with you, should you choose.  Further, our attorneys are experienced New Hampshire business law attorneys, and can also represent your business and defend your business in any litigation and answer any questions you may have, should you be sued in the State of New Hampshire.  You want us- the local firm, where every client matters, no matter how big or small!  Not some big online registered agent company that will not be available to assist you should your business actually face exposure and be sued in the State of New Hampshire. 


That's not all!  Do you need to incorporate your business or put by-laws and/or and operating agreement in place? Our attorneys know the ins and outs of New Hampshire business law and also can provide information regarding the best structure of your business from a tax standpoint, and ensure that your legal documents are up to date on the most recent New Hampshire laws- should you choose to use our incorporation services as well, and choose Client Matters to draft your corporate by-laws or LLC's operating agreement. Give us a call today at 603-402-3511 or email Clientmatters@icloud.com to learn more.

2024 Annual Registered Agent Services

Click here to SIGN UP and/or pay for your 2024 Annual Registered Agent Services or Registered Agent Renewal services for the State of New Hampshire immediately. Please simply note your business name, business mailing address and phone number when you check out.

Annual NH Registered Agent Services (NH)

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We strive to return all phone calls within 24 hours.  Our attorneys strive for a high level of customer satisfaction, and often respond after normal working business hours, or even on weekends.

Registered Agent Services

1 Client Matters, LLC is ready to serve as your registered agent.  Our fee is just $99 per year, per State.  Simply email us at ClientMatters@icloud.com or call to sign up today!

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